Cheryl Tiegs 1978 Pink Bikini Poster

Cheryl Tiegs Pink


Cheryl Tiegs one of the first super models and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model several times as well.   This poster, from Pro Arts, was released in 1978 and is titled Ms. Tiegs and it catalog number 14-591. It has been said, but I can simply not prove it, that this poster rivaled in sales that of Farrah’s red bikini pose.  Tiegs has at least one other poster from Pro Arts, released a year or so earlier, I believe.


John Travolta’s Playgirl Poster

1978 John Travolta Poster


No, it’s not a naughty pose, I am assuming it is a photo that was used in a John Travolta interview for Playgirl.  I did have to edit it just a tad bit to get it to the point that it was presentable, it is really tough sometimes to find decent photos/scans of these posters and sometimes you just have to resort to some creative editing. I hope it didn’t change the pose too much that it still looks as good as the original.  The poster was released by Star City in 1978 and measures 22 x 28 . Now, I am not certain if this was a store release or whether it was for publicity, but either way, it’s a cool vintage poster of John.

I have to state that I have also seen this poster listed as a Pro Arts release.  A dealer on EBay says that he has for sale, the original negative set (bought them at Pro Arts liquidation sale in 1984) that was used to create this poster.  The official title is John Chair and it is release # 15-525, another dealer who has the Pro Arts pose lists the catalog # as 14-593 from a few other dealers who have had the poster available for sale over the years.    But, whether it be a Star City or Pro Arts release or both, it is still a rather rare pose of Travolta.

John was really popular in the 70’s with his role in the sitcom Welcome Back Kotter as Vinnie Barbarino.  I was never really taken with him, in fact, I didn’t find any of the sweat hogs (the nick name of a group of students in Kotter’s class)  all that appealing.   This was way back in the 70’s when there were only three networks to pick from, so you had your choices (if you were lucky enough to live in an area where you could pick up all three networks) of the shows on just three channels (maybe four if you had a PBS station or local independent station). So, Kotter was watched in our household,not because it was a really great show, but because it was the most attractive of all the shows airing during that time slot.  I remember one season it was up against, I think, Gemini Man with Ben Murphy and we watched that show instead.  Another season it was up against a show called Joe and Sons, or something similar, never watched that show.  In 1977, it was up against C.H.i.P.s, and we watched that show instead of Kotter.   See, what I mean, about watching the competition.  I don’t recall some of the other shows it was up against, though, it was a long time ago.

Anyway, John had numerous posters on the market, probably even more than Farrah (and no that is not a knock at Farrah).  Some poses showed him as his Welcome Back Kotter character, Barbarino.  Others showed him as his Saturday Night Fever character. I think a few from Grease might be floating around out there, too.


I found a copy of the Pro Arts poster using this pose and the copyright info is as follows:  ( I know it is difficult to read, but I think it is visible enough).