Cheryl Tiegs 1978 Pink Bikini Poster

Cheryl Tiegs Pink


Cheryl Tiegs one of the first super models and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model several times as well.   This poster, from Pro Arts, was released in 1978 and is titled Ms. Tiegs and it catalog number 14-591. It has been said, but I can simply not prove it, that this poster rivaled in sales that of Farrah’s red bikini pose.  Tiegs has at least one other poster from Pro Arts, released a year or so earlier, I believe.


Loni Anderson’s White Bikini Poster Pose

LoniAndersonLoni had at least to my memory, three poster poses, two solo ventures and one with co-star Lynda Carter from their short-lived television series Partners In Crime which had a plot line of two women, each having been married to the same man who was a private eye, inherit his detective business after his is killed while working on a case… or something similar.   Now, Lynda was a poster queen for the 70s, too, but Loni’s white bikini pose is what concerns us now.

I am not certain of the company that produced it, I think it was Western Graphics, but I can’t be sure.