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Lee Majors as The Six Million Dollar Man Poster

Granted this isn’t the most clear of images, but I had to take what I could find.   This isn’t a pose that is seen often on EBay, considering how popular the series was, it would have seemed logical that Lee would have had a few more posters on the market, at least here in the USA.    This pose is from 1977, released through Pro Arts (the same company that gave us his wife Farrah’s super successful swimsuit pose in 1976) and is catalog # 14-522.  (As just a bit of trivia, I believe that McBroom is the photographer who took the photo of Farrah that became her mega selling Pro Arts poster, but I could be wrong!)

Jaclyn Smith’s 1979 Pro Arts Poster

A lovely pose of Jaclyn from 1979.  She gained fame as Kelly Garrett on Charlie’s Angels and was the only member of the original trio to stay for the entire run of the series.  She had other poster releases as well, most through Pro Arts, but a few from Bi-Rite, too.

Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew Pro Arts Poster

A nice poster of Pamela Sue Martin as her TV alter-ego, Nancy Drew from 1977.

The series, The Hard Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ran on ABC television from January 30, 1977 to January 14, 1979.   The Hardy Boys and Nancy had their own segment and would alternate each week.  By the time the second season rolled around, producers had Nancy and The Hardy Boys (Shaun Cassidy as Joe Hardy and Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy) solving mysteries together.   Pamela left mid way through the  second season and the role of Nancy was recast with actress Janet Louis Johnson.By the time the third season rolled around,  Nancy was just a pleasant memory as the character was dropped and the show was retitled simply The Hardy Boys.   The name change brought some big changes to the characters as well,  Joe and Frank now worked for the Justice Department which was a big leap from teen sleuths on the first and second seasons.

Robin Williams as Mork Poster

Here it is, the last day of 2017, and today’s poster offering in this 1979 Pro Arts (14-680) release of Robin Williams as his character Mork.     This is just one of several solo poster poses of Robin.

Robin started his career in entertainment as a stand-up comic in Los Angeles  California during the mid 1970s.   In 1978, Happy Days producer, Gary Marshall,cast him as Mork, an alien from the planet Ork, in the episode My Favorite Orkan from season five of the series.   His appearance was popular enough for a return visit to the series in season six (Mork Returns) and of course, eventually, the show would give birth to Mork and Mindy, a comedy sitcom starring Robin and Pam Dawber.

He eventually made it to the big screen, with his first starring role as Popeye from 1980While receiving mostly positive reviews, the film performed poorly at the box office.  But, bigger and better things were in the works for Robin who went on to star in many critical and financially successful films over the years. In 1997, he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Good Will Hunting.

Sadly, Robin died, at age 63, on August 11, 2014.

Angie Dickinson’s Super size Pro Arts Poster

Measuring 24″ x 40″ is a rare poster of Angie Dickinson from 1977.  Dickinson starred in the hit series Police Woman as Sgt. Leann “Pepper” Anderson. The show, airing on NBC  (74-78) was a hit making Dickinson a household name, even though she had been in the entertainment business since the 50s.   The role paved the way for other television series  that had a strong female lead, such as Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter, The Bionic Woman with Lindsay Wagner.

Margaux Hemingway 1977 Pro Arts Poster


Pro Arts released this not often seen poster of Margaux Hemingway in 1977.  It measures the usual 20 x 28.

Granddaughter of celebrated writer Ernest Hemingway, Margaux, gained popularity as a model in the 1970s appearing on a multitude of magazine covers including Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar to name just a few.   She started her acting career in the 1976 cult film Lipstick along with her younger sister, Mariel.   She would go on to make appearances in 16 films between 1976 and 1996.

Sadly, throughout her life, she suffered from depression, alcoholism, bulimia.  She would die of a overdose of phenobarbital on July 1, 1996, just one day shy of the 35th anniversary of her grandfather’s death.

Cheryl (Ladd) Lace a 1978 Pro Arts Poster


One of several Cheryl Ladd posters released via Pro Arts.  Ladd gained her fame and 70s female teen idol status thanks to starring in the series Charlie’s Angels as Kris Monroe, little sister to Jill Monroe, played by Farrah Fawcett, who left the show in hopes of becoming a movie star, which didn’t pan out as hoped.

This pose is a take-off on the classic Rita Hayworth pin-up pose found in a 1941 edition of Life magazine.

Cheryl Tiegs 1977 Red Shirt Poster


A rather nice pose of Cheryl released in 1977.  This is the first Pro Arts poster release for Cheryl, the second would be the pink bikini poster from 1978.

Ann-Margret’s 1978 Pro Arts Poster


Lovely pose of Ann Margret from Pro Arts, released in 1978 titled “Ann-Margret” and number 14-608.

Cheryl Ladd’s 1977 Red Satin Shorts Poster

cheryl-ladd-charlies-angels-tank-top-satin-shorts-vertLadd gained fame and even teen idol status when she won the role of Chris Munroe on the series Charlie’s Angels, replacing departing Farrah Fawcett.  She remained with the series for the rest of its run.   She became a bit of a poster queen as well, with a multitude of nice poses, most release through Pro Arts.