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Lynda Carter’s 1977 Pro Arts Poster


A rare poster of Lynda from Pro Arts released in 1977 and catalog number 15-525.   I actually have this one in my collection and consider it one of the nicer Pro Arts posters and a really nice photo of Carter as well.

Joe Namath’s 1977 Pro Arts Poster


I remember Joe from the 1970s,  mostly for his work on television doing commercials (he filmed one or two with Farrah Fawcett before she became a star in her own right) as well as making appearances on various TV series.   Of course, his greatest claim to fame is being a football player whose career in the sport began in the early 60s and lasted until his retirement in 1977.

Pro Arts released this pose of Joe in 1977 and as far as I am aware, it is their only Namath release.   In my research for this blog, I have only seen this pose offered for sale on EBay a few times, so perhaps it is one of the rarer posters from Pro Arts?

Brian Kerwin’s Rare 1981 Pro Arts Poster


This 1981 Pro Arts poster is often touted as being one of the rarer posters from the company and it does appear to be only showing up from time to time for sale on Ebay.

I remember Brian best from his work on the series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (later changed to just Lobo) which ran on NBC from 1979 to 1981.   The series was a spin-off from the popular series B.J. and the Bear (1979-81) starring teen idol Greg Evigan.  Kerwin began his acting career on stage and eventually moved on to appear in numerous television series and movies as well as feature films.

In February of 2016, Kerwin’s wife, Jeanne, passed away after a three year battle fighting brain cancer. The couple had been married since 1990.

Ms (Sybil) Danning’s 1981 Pro Arts Poster


Danning is an Austrian actress who had the bulk of her popularity in the 70s and 80s working in a series of B-movies.  She moved to Hollywood in 1978 with the intention of getting work there in films and by 1980 she had a starring role in the Roger Corman sci fi click Battle Beyond the Stars which was the beginning of her B-movie career.  Other films soon followed.  In 1990, she took time off from the world of entertainment when she suffered a spinal disc herniation (which had been, initially misdiagnosed as a pulled muscle or damaged nerve) doing a stunt for a film.   The herniation required surgery to repair and Danning spent most of 1990 recuperating.

Danning also posed for a series of sexy posters, the one highlighted in this post is from Pro Arts issued in 1981.  A very colorful poster of a lovely lady, wouldn’t you say?

Angie Dickinson’s 1977 Pro Arts Poster


This lovely poster of Angie Dickinson is from 1977 and is one of two Pro Arts poster releases for Angie and measures 20 x 28.

Dickinson began her career in films and television in the 1950’s and by the time 1959 rolled around she had won, for her role in the Western, Rio Bravo, a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year.  She worked steadily in films having over 50 on her resume. But, it was in 1974 when she assumed her most famous role, that of female cop, Sergeant Leann “Pepper” Anderson in the television series Police Woman that ran on NBC from 1974 to 1978. This was the first successful television series to have a strong female lead. During the run of the series she would receive a Golden Globe Award as well as three Emmy nominations.

Ms. (Kate) Jackson’s 1978 Pro Arts Poster

jackson poster


This is a rare poster of Kate Jackson from her Charlie’s Angels days.   It is from 1978 and titled Ms. Jackson (14-614) and measures 20x 28.

Cheryl Tiegs 1978 Pink Bikini Poster

Cheryl Tiegs Pink


Cheryl Tiegs one of the first super models and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model several times as well.   This poster, from Pro Arts, was released in 1978 and is titled Ms. Tiegs and it catalog number 14-591. It has been said, but I can simply not prove it, that this poster rivaled in sales that of Farrah’s red bikini pose.  Tiegs has at least one other poster from Pro Arts, released a year or so earlier, I believe.

Suzanne Somers White Fur Pro Arts Poster

somers suzanne white fur

suzanne somers white fur

Possibly one of the last posters released of Suzanne from our friends at Pro Arts.  This pose is certainly one of the sexier posters of Suzanne.  Of course, many know that she was Chrissy Snow on the ABC sitcom, Three’s Company, and how she ended up being fired when her demands for a massive pay increase was nixed by the show’s producers.  Not to worry, Suzanne bounced back to star in several other television series, she wrote best selling books and has her own line of jewelry and other stuff.  Not bad for a “dumb blonde”, eh?  Maybe getting fired turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Shaun Cassidy Poster

shaun Cassidy-Jacket

cassidy poster info

This is a 1977 Pro Arts release of Shaun Cassidy titled Shaun Jacket and is #14-574. Cassidy was a popular teen idol along side his co star Parker Stevenson. The duo starred as Joe and Frank Hardy in The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries that aired on ABC from 1977-79.

Shaun also had a singing career while starring on the show and had a number one pop hit in the US with Da Doo Ron Ron, a second hit That’s Rock and Roll made it to the Number 3 spot. A third single, also from 1977, Hey Deanie, made it to the Number 7 on the US charts.  A fourth single, Do You Believe in Magic, released in 1978, peaked at Number 31.  As his teen idol stardom wound down, he moved to working behind the scenes, writing and producing.

A bit of trivia for you: Shaun sang the songs Amblin and Comin Home Again in the 1976 soundtrack for the television movie Dawn:Portrait of a Teenage Runaway.

Suzanne Somers White Shirt Pro Arts Pose

Suzanne Somers-Pro Arts

ms suzanne78Suzanne Somers catapulted to fame as vapid air-headed Chrissy Snow on the popular sitcom Three’s Company co-starring Joyce DeWitt and John Ritter.  Somers’ ego got a little bit ahead of her when she considered herself the star of the show and the reason that viewers were tuning in (maybe she was right) and she demanded a huge pay raise.  Producers didn’t agree with her opinion of herself and promptly cut her screen time and eventually fired her from the series.   It limped along for a few more seasons before being cancelled.

Somers had a variety of posters available on the market, this is just one lovely pose.   It is from Pro Arts and is #14-601 and is titled Ms. Suzanne.