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I am not an avid blogger, but do feel on occasion, the urge, to put finger to keyboard and write something and it ends up here on my blog.

Michael Jackson’s 1983 Poster

A poster of the King of Pop from 1983. Released through Bi-Rite and it measures about 23″ x 35″.   This isn’t the only pose of Michael on the market from around that same time frame, but it is one of the nicer poses available.

Jaclyn Smith’s 1979 Pro Arts Poster

A lovely pose of Jaclyn from 1979.  She gained fame as Kelly Garrett on Charlie’s Angels and was the only member of the original trio to stay for the entire run of the series.  She had other poster releases as well, most through Pro Arts, but a few from Bi-Rite, too.

Pia Zadora’s 1982 Poster

Actress and singer, Pia, released this poster in 1982 through Zadora Enterprises.   It measures roughly 22″ x 34″ and is a pose that doesn’t show up on Ebay that often.    Pia, as an actress, is best known for  Butterfly (1982) and The Lonely Lady (1983) for which she received back to back  RAZZIE Awards as worst actress.     While her acting abilities are in question, Pia is really a fairly decent singer especially when she follows Frank Sinatra’s advice to “sing the Standards”.   Check out her website to get a sample of her new CD release.

A Nice 1977 Poster of Andy Gibb

A very nice poster of Andy released in 1978. The poster was printed in Switzerland and distributed by Idealdecor and measures around 27 x 40.  I have no idea if it was ever released into the US or just into foreign markets.

It is hard to believe that Andy has been gone for 30 years.    I remember him from my days as a kid during the 70’s.  He was a musical teen idol  starting in the middle 1970’s and by the time the mid 80’s rolled around his popularity begin to decline because of drug and alcohol abuse.  With time and effort, he beat his additions and by early 1988, was looking forward to getting his life and musical career back on track and was hoping to sign a contract with Island Records (a contract he never got to sign) to have a new album out by late 1988.   But, it seemed life had other plans for Andy who began to suffer from chest pains and was admitted on March 5, 1988 (his birthday of all days) to the John Radcliff Hosptial in Oxford, England. Sadly, just five days later, on March 10, he would pass away.

The myth that he died of a drug overdose is still very common and is totally wrong.  The official cause of his passing was inflammation of the heart caused by a viral infection.  Yes, it is probably true, that his  years of alcohol and drug abuse weakened and damaged his body thus helping to lead to this condition, but they weren’t the actual cause of his death.

From what I have read over the years, Andy was a kind and gentle soul and maybe that was his downfall, in a way,  having fame and success come to him so fast, and getting caught up in the hype and limelight.  Maybe he just wasn’t “hard” enough to resist the many temptations and “good stuff” that came his way.  It seems to me it would be kind of overwhelming and very seductive with people all around you offering you “things” because of your success.  Andy wasn’t the first celebrity to be seduced by fame and sadly, he won’t be the last.  Anyway, Andy was only 30 years old at the time of his passing.

Man of Fire was recorded by Andy in 1988 and showed up on a Greatest  Hits compilation released in 1991, by Polydor (some sources say Warner Brothers Records). This greatest hits compilation updated or replaced an earlier greatest hits release from 1980.  Man on Fire was a great song and I think it had such potential to be a hit. I think Andy sounded great on it.   I would have welcomed Andy back into the music scene if he had been able to release a new album.  While I can’t classify myself as an “Andy fan” (someone who faithfully bought every album, single, and collected material on him, etc), I can honestly say that I did like some of his music.  In fact, when he released his After Dark album (the first and only album I have of his),  I wanted it and asked my mom, who was going shopping one day (it was a school day, I couldn’t go along) to please get me a copy. Giving her the info needed (singer and album title) I was happy to discover,when I got home,  she had gotten it for me.  She laughingly told me that when she got to the store, she couldn’t remember the singer’s name or even the album title so she asked the clerk for the album that had a man on the front cover and it looked like he had lightening shooting out of his hands, lol.  The clerk knew who she meant.  🙂  Good memories.  🙂    Anyway, I hope Andy has been reunited with his brothers Robin and Maurice and they are making beautiful music in the after life.

Farrah’s “Mrs. Majors” Pro Arts Poster from 1977

A nice Pro Arts poster of Farrah released in 1977 when she was still Mrs. (Lee) Majors.   I believe there were at lease five different posters released via Pro Arts of Farrah during 1977 (the other four: Farrah Flower, L.A. Farrah, Farrah Paisley and Super Farrah).  I have no clue in what order they were released or how well they did sales wise.

When looking on EBay, I don’t seem to find this offered for sale as often as her other poses.  Perhaps it was a limited release, or maybe only available for purchase through her fan club,  I honestly don’t know.     I don’t recall ever seeing this for sale at any of the stores I was able to frequent (and purchase posters at) during my childhood when I was actively collecting posters and to be honest, I never knew of its existence until years ago when I started gawking on EBay for posters.

Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew Pro Arts Poster

A nice poster of Pamela Sue Martin as her TV alter-ego, Nancy Drew from 1977.

The series, The Hard Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries ran on ABC television from January 30, 1977 to January 14, 1979.   The Hardy Boys and Nancy had their own segment and would alternate each week.  By the time the second season rolled around, producers had Nancy and The Hardy Boys (Shaun Cassidy as Joe Hardy and Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy) solving mysteries together.   Pamela left mid way through the  second season and the role of Nancy was recast with actress Janet Louis Johnson.By the time the third season rolled around,  Nancy was just a pleasant memory as the character was dropped and the show was retitled simply The Hardy Boys.   The name change brought some big changes to the characters as well,  Joe and Frank now worked for the Justice Department which was a big leap from teen sleuths on the first and second seasons.