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The Mission of Postermania

Postermania is meant to be a fun and simple little blog that is a pleasant walk down memory lane for me, and hopefully, for those who happen to stop by.  I also desire this blog to be a sort of visual historical record of the many awesome personality posters that have graced many a wall over the years.   While most of the emphasis is on posters from yesteryear, that isn’t to say that a recent pose won’t ever be highlighted.

This blog is a free personal blog, there is no organization or business behind it.  As a personal blog, you will probably get a mixture of of personal memories, thoughts, opinions and facts about many of the posters (and stuff that is kinda related) that I feature.    Also, please be aware that  I make no money from this blog, even though you will probably see ads on some of the pages, WordPress takes whatever revenue comes in from them.   Also note, that I  have no control over the content of the ads, nor their placement and if you find something offensive, please contact WordPress directly and voice your concerns.

I originally intended this blog to focus solely on the posters released by Pro Arts (the company that gave us the mega-selling red bikini pose of Farrah Fawcett in 1976), but while doing research for material to be included, I ran across so many cool poses from different companies, that I simply had to expand my focus.  I have no idea which posters that I feature are US only releases and which ones were released only to foreign markets and to be honest, I am not really all that concerned about where they were sold or originated from; a cool poster is still a cool poster!   Also, along that same line of thinking, I realize some posters I will feature might have been promotional items only, maybe used in store displays or as a prize or premium in a giveaway and they were never meant to be sold in stores.   If I know for a fact a poster was non commercial (not produced to be sold to the public), I will make sure to state that.   It is my desire give as much info as possible about each poster, and  I make every effort to provide correct info, but sadly, I can and do make mistakes and when I am alerted to them, I make corrections as quickly as possible.

Now here is some important stuff to share:

  •  I am merely a fan of these giant photos; I am not an expert and have never and will never portray myself as such.
  • I am not running a business, I do not buy, sell or trade posters.
  • I can not give you an appraisal on your posters.

Anyway, thank you for reading this little blurb and if you have any extra info to add about a poster I have covered, please feel free to contact me.  I enjoy giving at much information about a poster as possible!


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