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Ms (Sybil) Danning’s 1981 Pro Arts Poster


Danning is an Austrian actress who had the bulk of her popularity in the 70s and 80s working in a series of B-movies.  She moved to Hollywood in 1978 with the intention of getting work there in films and by 1980 she had a starring role in the Roger Corman sci fi click Battle Beyond the Stars which was the beginning of her B-movie career.  Other films soon followed.  In 1990, she took time off from the world of entertainment when she suffered a spinal disc herniation (which had been, initially misdiagnosed as a pulled muscle or damaged nerve) doing a stunt for a film.   The herniation required surgery to repair and Danning spent most of 1990 recuperating.

Danning also posed for a series of sexy posters, the one highlighted in this post is from Pro Arts issued in 1981.  A very colorful poster of a lovely lady, wouldn’t you say?


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