Casper Van Dien’s 1998 Shirtless Poster


This nice poster of Van Dien is from 1998 and published by Star Makers Rising.

Handsome Van Dien came on the acting scene in the early 90s getting small parts in television and feature films.  From 1993 to 94, he worked on the day time soap One Life to Live as Tyrone “Ty” Moody and then went on to work on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Griffin Stone. But, it was his role as Johnny Rico in the 1997 science fiction feature film, Starship Troopers which is considered his breakthrough role.   Van Dien has worked rather steadily since then in both television and  feature films and even got the chance to wear Tarzan’s loincloth in the feature film Tarzan and the Lost City. You might also remember him as Brom Van Brunt in the Johnny Depp vehicle, Sleepy Hollow.  Of course, you can check out his website to find a much more detailed account of his career, if you so wish.



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