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Ken Wahl’s 1987 Wiseguy Poster

ken-wahl-wiseguy-poster Handsome Ken Wahl came to viewers attention in the role of  Vinnie Terranova, an FBI operative who worked for the Organized Crime Task Force  on the series Wiseguy that aired on CBS from 1987-1990.

In 1992, Wahl suffered a broken neck and spine injury when he fell down a flight of stairs.  A botched surgery, as he called it, to repair the damage left him in severe pain 24 hours a day.  Doctors refused to give him pain medications, so he took to drinking as pain relief.  This lead to ill health, weight gain and an ever growing dependency on alcohol.  In 1996 he did a reunion TV movie for the Wiseguy series but admitted that it was all he could do to finish the project.   He came to the realization that he simply couldn’t act anymore and quit the business.

In 1987, this cool poster of Ken was released. There is at least one other poster of Wahl as his Wiseguy persona out there somewhere.


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