David Bowie Poster from 1977


A really colorful poster, depicting the late David Bowie, released in 1977 by Portal Publications of Corte Madiera, California.  It measures 20 x 28.   No clue about the history of this poster (if it was used as a promo for some venture or just a really nice poster release, no matter the reason, though, it is still cool.)  RIP David, you are missed!

Joe Namath’s 1977 Pro Arts Poster


I remember Joe from the 1970s,  mostly for his work on television doing commercials (he filmed one or two with Farrah Fawcett before she became a star in her own right) as well as making appearances on various TV series.   Of course, his greatest claim to fame is being a football player whose career in the sport began in the early 60s and lasted until his retirement in 1977.

Pro Arts released this pose of Joe in 1977 and as far as I am aware, it is their only Namath release.   In my research for this blog, I have only seen this pose offered for sale on EBay a few times, so perhaps it is one of the rarer posters from Pro Arts?

Randi Oakes 1980 poster


A nice colorful pose of actress and model Randi Oakes was released by C/C sales in 1980.  At least one other poster of Oakes is floating around out there somewhere, and when I can find a good scan, I will post it!  🙂

Oakes, an actress and fashion model made a name for herself working as Officer Bonnie Clark on the NBC television series CHiPS from 1979 to 1982.

While working on the 1979 edition of Battle of the Network Stars, she met actor Gregory Harrison (who was playing for the CBS team). The couple married on December 21, 1980 and chose to keep their marriage a secret for several years.    She left CHiPs in 1982 with some sources stating the reason as being she wanted to devote more time to her marriage.  In 1985, she retired from acting to become a full time mom to the couple’s first child.  She and Harrison have been married for 36 years and have four children.

Brian Kerwin’s Rare 1981 Pro Arts Poster


This 1981 Pro Arts poster is often touted as being one of the rarer posters from the company and it does appear to be only showing up from time to time for sale on Ebay.

I remember Brian best from his work on the series The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo (later changed to just Lobo) which ran on NBC from 1979 to 1981.   The series was a spin-off from the popular series B.J. and the Bear (1979-81) starring teen idol Greg Evigan.  Kerwin began his acting career on stage and eventually moved on to appear in numerous television series and movies as well as feature films.

In February of 2016, Kerwin’s wife, Jeanne, passed away after a three year battle fighting brain cancer. The couple had been married since 1990.

Ms (Sybil) Danning’s 1981 Pro Arts Poster


Danning is an Austrian actress who had the bulk of her popularity in the 70s and 80s working in a series of B-movies.  She moved to Hollywood in 1978 with the intention of getting work there in films and by 1980 she had a starring role in the Roger Corman sci fi click Battle Beyond the Stars which was the beginning of her B-movie career.  Other films soon followed.  In 1990, she took time off from the world of entertainment when she suffered a spinal disc herniation (which had been, initially misdiagnosed as a pulled muscle or damaged nerve) doing a stunt for a film.   The herniation required surgery to repair and Danning spent most of 1990 recuperating.

Danning also posed for a series of sexy posters, the one highlighted in this post is from Pro Arts issued in 1981.  A very colorful poster of a lovely lady, wouldn’t you say?